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Terms & Conditions

Please give us a call 0800 428 624/ send your enquires through our email so we can send you the Final Invoice and advise your pick-up time/ delivery of prop(s) before your event date. We recommend you to come to our showroom to see our range of props because we are constantly sourcing new pieces to add on your special day.

Once you have chosen your online item(s) , please give us a call or send us the name and quantity of your chosen prop(s) through our email: stylish@stylishevent.co.nz 

We will send you the Final Invoice through your email and advise the pick up time/ delivery date ( to be paid via bank transfer) 

A bond is payable on all hire props, starting from $100.00 and will be increased depending on the value of props that you hire. Bonds are fully refundable once the prop[s] is/are back in their original condition. 

The minimum hire spending is $50 

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